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Entropy problem [was Re: CVS Problem (again) ,Slightly lesser old code, but old still [was Re: Console problem ,older code]]

On Fri, 20 Nov 2020 18:20:10 -0800
Germain Le Chapelain <> wrote:

> From it, everything looks great at first glance:
> only python is blocked on `entrop/2' in top, and I cannot ping

It is the change that seems to cause me trouble.

I tried applying the work-around steps detailed :

  o recreate the entropy file
  o feed urandom to random (or vice-versa) and syctl entropy consildated to 1

But the issues were still there.

I need to move on for the next two weeks on that (And have a functional laptop on NetBSD for a business trip before Wednesday, if possible :p.)

So I will put on 9.1 for now, but I am happy doing more testing later,
(Finger crossed that it will support the Atheros!.)

Thank you,

Kindest regards

Germain Le Chapelain <>
(Cc Taylor, for the entropy change)

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