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Re: XEN help needed

On Nov 9,  7:39, Paul Goyette wrote:
} I've got a XEN3_DOMU virtual machine currently running NetBSD 8.1, and
} hosted on a commercial provider (  Since I'm running
} 8.1 I think that implies that I'm running in HVM mode?

     If you're using the XEN3_DOMU kernel, then you would be running
in PV mode.  HVM mode would use a plain GENERIC kernel.

} Anyway, the provider will soon be upgrading their host to a PVHVM-only
} environment.  That means that I need to upgrade, to -current.
} So, a few questions.  (I'm a really dummy when it comes to XEN, so
} please forgive me if the questions don't make sense!  Where's my copy
} of O'Reilly's ``XEN For Dummies'' when I need it?  :)  )

     Where is O'Reilly, period?  They are definitely not the O'Reilly
of my youth.

} 1. Since I'm switching to PVHVM, will there be any differences in the
}     "visible" devices?  Will I need to update my kernel config?  Or
}     will a -current XEN3_DOMU kernel work "out of the box"?

     HVM uses things like wm0, sd0, etc.  PV and PVHVM uses xennet
and xbd.

} 2. Will I be able to update only my kernel, and continue running my
}     8.1 userland?

     Userland doesn't change for any of the options (not counting
modules, but modules aren't strictly userland).

} 3. Will I need to make any configuration changes to things in /etc ?

     Maybe, since it isn't clear what exactly you're running.

}-- End of excerpt from Paul Goyette

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