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Re: hang while updating pkg_rolling-replace libvdpau

Riccardo Mottola <> writes:

> I finished updating all my core system to current on i386-64, kernel,
> userland, etc.
> Now I launched pkg_rolling replace, it crunches through several
> packages, but then hangs.
> I tried running it several times, rebooting in between... but
> nothing. What is "hang" ? The CPU stays idle too. Hangs exactly there.

pkg_rr is just a shell script.  As always, I ask that you see what order
it does "make replace package clean" and then run the problematic
command by itself, without pkg_rr, and then report that intead.

(If you do find a bug in pkg_rr, of which there are many, please do
report it.  But it is confusing to people to conflate what broke with
the program that merely chose the sequence.)

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