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Re: WireGuard in NetBSD

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo wrote in
 |Robert Swindells <> writes:
 |> Does it work for IPv6 ?
 |Yes, it does.  I've been using it all along, with my main NetBSD server
 |system as a hub, and various NetBSD and Linux laptops, android phones,
 |and the NetBSD system at our mountain cabin connecting to it.  It's been
 |very well behaved on amd64 and aarch64 -- I never bothered to figure out
 |how to make it work on 32 bit architectures, but it seems Taylor has.

I do not understand the Wireguard hype _so_ much.  Adds a lot of
complexity to the kernel, and the win is in-kernel crypto.  Ok.
Being able to use normal ifconfig programs.  Ok.  No tun/tap ok.
But everything else including easy configuration you can get with
TinC in userspace for a long, long time, and it works everywhere,
only needs OpenSSL.  And 1.1 can the new ciphers etc.
Just wondering.

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