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Re: tunefs throws mount error

In article <rghd46$ldm$>,
Michael van Elst <> wrote:
> (Chavdar Ivanov) writes:
>># tunefs -o time /dev/rdk5
>>tunefs: tuning /dev/rdk5
>>tunefs: optimization preference remains unchanged as time
>>tunefs: mount of /dev/dk1 on / updated   <======
>If the device is "mounted", tunefs triggers a mount -u to push
>changes into the kernel.
>The check is done by calling fstatvfs(), and if successful the
>update is done on f_mntonname.
>That's a recent change (2020-04-09) and at least the check is bogus
>because fstatvfs() also succeeds when the device isn't mounted (and
>returns the filesystem where /dev lives, usually the root filesystem).

Should behave better now...


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