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Re: NetBSD-7.0 boots OK and NetBSD-8.0 hangs/crashes during boot on a MacBook7,1

Brian Buhrow wrote:
> 	Hello.  I'm thinking of notebooks.   Yes, they have screens and
> keyboards, but those are not always usable and, having a serial console
> over USB could let someone install to a notebook remotely.
> Also, I've encountered some Intel based  appliance boards that don't have easily
> used serial ports on them.  When they're installed in cramped wiring
> closets, it's much easier to get a USB serial port on them than it is to
> get a screen and keyboard.

It's not just laptops and appliance boards - even ATX sized PC
motherboards have been made with no com ports for a long time,
for example the Intel DH67CL from 2011.  The specifications at


  # of Serial Ports:  0
  Serial Port via Internal Header: No

and when booting NetBSD on one, the dmesg output contains no "com" entry.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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