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Re: NetBSD-7.0 boots OK and NetBSD-8.0 hangs/crashes during boot on a MacBook7,1

	Hello.  I'm thinking of notebooks.   Yes, they have screens and
keyboards, but those are not always usable and, having a serial console
over USB could let someone install to a notebook remotely.
Also, I've encountered some Intel based  appliance boards that don't have easily
used serial ports on them.  When they're installed in cramped wiring
closets, it's much easier to get a USB serial port on them than it is to
get a screen and keyboard.


On Jul 6,  5:07pm, Martin Husemann wrote:
} Subject: Re: NetBSD-7.0 boots OK and NetBSD-8.0 hangs/crashes during boot 
} On Mon, Jul 06, 2020 at 07:55:29AM -0700, Brian Buhrow wrote:
} > 	hello.  In my case, there are times when I want a serial console, for
} > set up or troubleshooting, but cannot use the built-in display for various
} > reasons.  So, I think it would be useful in more situations than might
} > first appear.  Yes, it wouldn't give you DDB on that console, but for
} > environments where the kernel loads and runs, it would give you access to
} > everything else over a serial port.
} Stupid question: are there now actually x86 boards that do *not* have a real
} serial on-board? I have not seen any so far (none of the new ones come with
} an external connector of course, but they can be added easily unless it is
} a notebook).
} Martin
>-- End of excerpt from Martin Husemann

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