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Re: Failure to build gobject-introspection

Riccardo Mottola <> wrote:
> wrote:
>>>> distutils.errors.CompileError: command 'cpp' terminated by signal 11
>>> Usually any GCC crashes on widely used architectures are running out of
>>> RAM.
>> See  `dmesg |tail` to see some messages related to out-of-RAM GCC
>> components killed.
>dmesg does not report anything suspect since boot.. and I did try to 
>rerun the build twice, so I should see two crashes.
>The laptop has 4GB of ram and the same swap.... this even is enough to 
>build geck and more or less rust... what's with gobject?

What have you set MAKE_JOBS to ?

>any better ideas? :-)

What is wrong with the idea that you have run out of memory ?

Other people can build gobject-introspection fine, me included.

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