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Re: radeon framebuffer console all dark

Hi John,

John D. Baker wrote:
> If you load the "pciverbose" kernel module, you will get more descriptive
> text about each device on the PCI busses, if there is a matching entry
> for the device ID.  ISTR any expanded description will also display in
> the output of 'pcictl'.
> I've only ever loaded it at boot time with
>   load=pciverbose
> in the "/boot.cfg" file.
it does not appear to be identified better...

000:00:0: ATI Technologies RS480 Host Bridge (host bridge, revision 0x01)
000:01:0: ATI Technologies RS480 PCI Express Bridge (PCI bridge)
000:04:0: ATI Technologies RS480 PCI Express Bridge (PCI bridge)
000:05:0: ATI Technologies RS480 PCI Express Bridge (PCI bridge)
000:19:0: ATI Technologies SB400 USB Host Controller (USB serial bus, OHCI)
000:19:1: ATI Technologies SB400 USB Host Controller (USB serial bus, OHCI)
000:19:2: ATI Technologies SB400 USB2 Host Controller (USB serial bus, EHCI)
000:20:0: ATI Technologies SB400 SMBus Controller (SMBus serial bus,
revision 0x11)
000:20:1: ATI Technologies SB400 IXP IDE Controller (IDE mass storage,
interface 0x8a)
000:20:3: ATI Technologies SB400 PCI-ISA Bridge (ISA bridge)
000:20:4: ATI Technologies SB400 PCI-PCI Bridge (PCI bridge, subtractive
000:20:5: ATI Technologies IXP AC'97 Audio Controller (audio multimedia,
revision 0x02)
000:20:6: ATI Technologies SB400 Modem (modem communications, revision 0x02)
000:24:0: AMD K8 AMD64 HyperTransport Configuration (host bridge)
000:24:1: AMD K8 AMD64 Address Map Configuration (host bridge)
000:24:2: AMD K8 AMD64 DRAM Configuration (host bridge)
000:24:3: AMD K8 AMD64 Miscellaneous Configuration (host bridge)
001:05:0: ATI Technologies product 5955 (VGA display)
002:01:0: Broadcom BCM5788 10/100/1000 Ethernet (ethernet network,
revision 0x03)
002:02:0: Broadcom BCM4318 AirForce One 54g (miscellaneous network,
revision 0x02)
002:04:0: Texas Instruments PCI7x21/7x11 Cardbus Controller (CardBus bridge)
002:04:2: Texas Instruments PCI7x21/7x11 IEEE 1394 Host Controller
(IEEE1394 serial bus, OpenHCI)
002:04:3: Texas Instruments PCI7x21/7x11 Integrated FlashMedia
Controller (miscellaneous mass storage)
002:04:4: Texas Instruments PCI7x21/7x11 SD Card Controller (SD Host
Controller system)

however, I did check with modstat and it is not loaded. I tried forcing
loading it:

bash-5.0# modload pciverbose
bash-5.0# modstat | grep verb
pciverbose                 misc     filesys  -        0     225 pci
scsiverbose                misc     builtin  -        0       - -

now it is in!
 But still: 001:05:0: ATI Technologies product 5955 (VGA display)

Maybe this is the start of the issue, the card not being fully detected?

I found googling that a linux dmesg says:
01:05.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon
XPRESS 200M 5955

is "5955" enough to say that I also have a 200M? That would be xonsistet
with the 480.

According to wikipedia:

It would mean I have an R300 core (thus the firmware is correctly


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