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Re: radeon framebuffer console all dark

This thread describes what I saw quite some time ago when Radeon DRMKMS
was first imported to NetBSD (almost-black-on-black video, only cursor
visible, X works fine).  My experience was with older Radeon hardware
(Radeon 7000, ES1000 and other R100-class cards).

The solution at the time was to simply ignore R200 and earlier radeon
cards.  Now I wonder if something like the memory size might have been
the issue as seen in this thread.

I'll have to check the BIOSes of the affected machines to see if they
have some similar settings (if they did, I don't recall now but I
have a habit of setting video memory to a minimum when such option

That and find the part of the code that checks for the card type to
disable ignoring R200 and below.

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