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Re: How long to build from source?


nottobay wrote:
I have a 5 year old a8 laptop. How can I figure out how long compiling the current source will take?

If you gave 2GB of RAM it should be fine, enable the cores you have for building. 3 or 4GB make a much better impact than SSD. I did not find SSD have a big impact compiling (and I am also a Gentoo user!), however they make using CVS/SVN/GIT operations faster. Actually, there are things that sometimes are slower on certain SSD.

The biggest impact is to disable LLVM! I can do it for my intel card... and it reduced build times in terms of days back to something manageable, which is about a day

Releng offers you readby build though and it is useful to compile perhaps only your kernel, which should on your machine take less than one hour (my single core Turion AMD64 takes 50 minutes)


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