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Re: sdmmc_mem_enable failed with error 60

Patrick Welche <> writes:

> Having seen TSC related commits, I tried TSC again, and noticed that
> I could read/write SD cards again, and irritating pckb command timeouts
> stopped happening. This laptop seems stable apart from the incorrect
> time.

Does the time work ok with TSC, with the new commits?  Basically there
was a bug in estimating TSC rate, which I think was a multiprocessing

I have a system where TSC should be 2.8G, and it was being measured at
boot at 3.9G sometimes (and sometimes 2.8G).   I haven't tried to
backport the patches to 8 and test, but my guess is that I'll have the
right TSC value and timekeeping with TSC will be ok.

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