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Re: Build time measurements


You wrote:
> > 2016.    3319.87 real      9767.39 user      4184.24 sys
> > 2019.    3525.65 real     10309.00 user     11618.57 sys
> > 2020.    2419.52 real      9577.58 user      9602.81 sys
> > 2020.    2363.06 real      9482.36 user      7614.66 sys
> Thanks for repeating the tests.  For the sys time to still be that high in
> relation to user, there's some other limiting factor.  Does that machine
> have tmpfs /tmp?

It is a fresh install with all default settings except for disabling
DIAGNOSTIC and acpicpu.  For 2020. that means it does
have a tmpfs /tmp, but I have not checked the others.

The SRCDIR, OBJDIR, etc are all on a single SATA SSD.

> Is NUMA enabled in the BIOS?  Different node number for
> CPUs in recent kernels in dmesg is a good clue.

Different from the other CPUs in the same dmesg, or different from a
non-recent kernel?  And how recent is recent?

> Is it a really old source tree?

Every build is of the official NetBSD-8.1/amd64 tree.

> I would be interested to see lockstat output from a kernel build at
> some point, if you're so inclined.

Is this just "lockstat ...", or are there some specific lockstat
options I should use?

PS. I would prefer that you prioritize fixing the fallout from the
changes you have already made so far over making further changes.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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