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Re: ZFS on root - almost there

On 22/02/2020 16:56, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
Surely I have missed and/or misuderstood some of the above, but I am getting:
Starting ZFS on root boot strapper
Copying needed kernel modules from NAME=boot:/stand/amd64/9.99.47/modules
mount: no match for 'boot': No such process
/mnt//stand/amd64/9.99.47/modules/zfs/solaris.kmod not found!
/mnt//stand/amd64/9.99.47/modules/zfs/zfs.kmod not found!
umount: /mnt: not currently mounted

Importing rpool, mounting and pivoting
internal error: failed to initialize ZFS library

It seems it tries to mount the small ufs root on /mnt using
'NAME=boot' label, but the label created by the standard installed is
some GUID.

I missed an instruction step to ensure the label of the FFS partiton is boot.
gpt label -i 1 -l boot wd0
Replace 1 with the partition index and wd0 with the device.

We do it like so to avoid the user needing to load the solaris and zfs modules in boot.cfg. Ideally we should teach sysctl to have kern.boot_device alongside kern.root_device to avoid this need.


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