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ZFS on root - almost there

So I thought I would have a go at setting up ZFS on root.

Thanks to hannken@ it now boots :)
However, it panics at shutdown (or halt). Screen capture of the panic here:

Now, what I did during the initial setup was to adjust the mountpoint of tank/ROOT/usr to /usr - ie relative to the chroot.

The bootstrap phase is this in /etc/rc

fsck -y /
zfs mount tank/ROOT
mount -t null /dev /tank/ROOT/dev
mount -t null / /tank/ROOT/altroot # this doesn't appear to work
sysctl -w init.root=/tank/ROOT

This works fine, we enter the chroot
For the time being I've disabled fsck_root and adjusts zfs to load all mounts.

We now get to the login with minimal errors and all appears to work.
You can see the mountlist inside the chroot at the top of the screen capture.

If some kind person can fix this panic then I can copy across my live home site setup (web server, email, etc) and really test it out.


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