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Re: ZFS on root - almost there

Roy Marples <> writes:

> So I thought I would have a go at setting up ZFS on root.
> Thanks to hannken@ it now boots :)
> However, it panics at shutdown (or halt). Screen capture of the panic here:
> Now, what I did during the initial setup was to adjust the mountpoint of 
> tank/ROOT/usr to /usr - ie relative to the chroot.
> The bootstrap phase is this in /etc/rc
> fsck -y /
> zfs mount tank/ROOT
> mount -t null /dev /tank/ROOT/dev
> mount -t null / /tank/ROOT/altroot # this doesn't appear to work
> sysctl -w init.root=/tank/ROOT
> This works fine, we enter the chroot
> For the time being I've disabled fsck_root and adjusts zfs to load all mounts.
> We now get to the login with minimal errors and all appears to work.
> You can see the mountlist inside the chroot at the top of the screen capture.
> If some kind person can fix this panic then I can copy across my live home site 
> setup (web server, email, etc) and really test it out.
> Roy

I have done the root-pivot thing before with cgd.  I believe I noticed
panics on shutdown there too.  I also had lvm involved so I was never
very sure what the problem was.  This would have been in the late 6.x
and early 7.x days.

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS -

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