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Re: panic after DRM & nouveau MSI changes

On Tue, 11 Feb 2020, Jarom√≠r Doleń~Mek wrote:

> If it's something simple let's fix it and enable MSI unconditionally,
> if it would be something difficult then it would be reasonable to add
> some conditionals to enable MSI only for non-nouveau.

At present, simply rolling back:


to the revision where MSI is enabled (r1.8 in -current) allows intel-
and radeon-equipped machines to use MSI, while nouveau has it explicitly
disabled in the HEAD revision of:


so nouveau machines use INTx.

I've checked this with plain GENERIC and one with the above file rolled
back.  With plain generic, nouveau, intel, and radeon all work and have
MSI off.  With the modified GENERIC, nouveau systems work (MSI off) and
intel and radeon systems work (MSI on).

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