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Re: panic after DRM & nouveau MSI changes

Le ven. 7 févr. 2020 à 23:22, John D. Baker <> a écrit :
> I see that the MSI changes have been reverted.  I have not yet updated
> my sources and still have the MSI-enabled sources plus proposed nouveau
> patch applied in my kernels.
> FWIW, quick tests with known-to-work radeon and intel graphics devices
> show that they are quite happy with MSI.  It's only NVIDIA/nouveau
> devices that are having trouble.

I've now got a nVidia card which triggers the problem on my rig x86
system, will look into the nouveau-specific panic over next week or

If it's something simple let's fix it and enable MSI unconditionally,
if it would be something difficult then it would be reasonable to add
some conditionals to enable MSI only for non-nouveau.


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