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Clearing ghosts of wedges (you forgot the subject line)

MLH wrote:
> Right now I temporarily gave up on getting NetBSD to recognise both
> wd2 and wd3. Either one or both go missing when I reboot now.
> I thought I would go back to just trying to boot from a gpt wedge
> and give up on raid but I can't even get wedges set up. I can
> completely delete and respecify the gpt partition but I can't find
> a way to delete what the kernel thinks the wedges are. When I try
> to dkctl deletewedge or dkctl -u dk2, the system says it is busy.
> I supposedly deleted the raid volumes, etc. as they don't show up
> but something still is preventing the deletion of the wedges. Even
> after a reboot.
> I just decided to zero a large part of wd2 (again, for about 24
> hours) and see what happens.

> So does anyone know how to get rid of the kernel's idea of what
> the wedges is? Every time I try, even after zeroing the drive over
> a TB into it and rebooting multiple times after deleting the gpt
> partitioning, etc. The kernel still says it is busy and won't allow
> me to delete wedges.

You forgot to include the subject.

To get rid of the ghosts of wedges, there is dkctl delwedge (see man dkctl).

I have never used raid, don't know if the ghosts would come back after the next reboot.

It might be easier with Linux, FreeBSD or Haiku, where device nodes are dynamic, not preconfigured as in NetBSD and OpenBSD.

I don't know how OpenBSD denotes gpt partitions (device node).


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