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MLH wrote:
> Right now I temporarily gave up on getting NetBSD to recognise both
> wd2 and wd3. Either one or both go missing when I reboot now.
> I thought I would go back to just trying to boot from a gpt wedge
> and give up on raid but I can't even get wedges set up. I can
> completely delete and respecify the gpt partition but I can't find
> a way to delete what the kernel thinks the wedges are. When I try
> to dkctl deletewedge or dkctl -u dk2, the system says it is busy.
> I supposedly deleted the raid volumes, etc. as they don't show up
> but something still is preventing the deletion of the wedges. Even
> after a reboot.
> I just decided to zero a large part of wd2 (again, for about 24
> hours) and see what happens.

So does anyone know how to get rid of the kernel's idea of what
the wedges is? Every time I try, even after zeroing the drive over
a TB into it and rebooting multiple times after deleting the gpt
partitioning, etc. The kernel still says it is busy and won't allow
me to delete wedges.


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