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Re: I am sure it is hardware, ufs_inactive: unlinked

    Date:        Wed, 15 Jan 2020 16:22:12 -0500
    From:        Ronald Georgia <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | I had xconsole open and the last time it locked up I had this message:

It might be hardware, and if the values (if any) in the message
(inode number, or anything else) keep varying, then it most likely
is, but if you manage to see the same exact message (with numbers,
not included in the message, which should be (on one line) something

	ufs_inactive: unlinked ino 1234 on "/" has non zero
	 size 9876 or blocks 456 with allerror 7

where the numbers are all my invention here (and the "/" came from
your message, that could also vary possibly) remain constant every
time you see the message, then it is probably "just" a corrupted

In that case, get the system into single user mode, and

	/sbin/clri /dev/rwd0a 1234

where "/dev/rwd0a" is the raw access device (the 'r') of whatever
the "/" filesystem is mounted from (could be sdNx or dkN or ldN or
various other things as well as wdNx), check by using the "mount"
command (just as "mount" without args, on my system I see

	/dev/dk6 on / type ffs (log, nodevmtime, local)

so I would use "/dev/rdk6" , and the "1234" is the number after "ino"
in the message.

After the clri command finishes, without doing anything else at all,
press the "reset" button (or power cycle the system, if there isn't
one of those).   Boot into single user mode again, and force a full
fsck of the root filesystem

	fsck -f /dev/rwd0a   (or whatever, the same device as the clri)

and then reboot.    If after this you have no further problems, then
all is good.    If after a while the problems return, then I would
really suspect the hardware.


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