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Re: I am sure it is hardware, ufs_inactive: unlinked

Ronald Georgia <> writes:

> I am running 9.99.36 on an old AMD FX-6300 six core processor. It is
> 2009 maybe? Same age on the power supply and memory, but new hard
> drives. It will run fine for a while (couple of days) then completely
> locks up. I had xconsole open and the last time it locked up I had
> this message:
> ufs_inactive: unlinked uno on “/“ has non zero size 0 or block …
> Panic:
> Questions for all you hardware gurus. 
> What would be the most likely suspect?

In my experience, memory, power supply, and the mains supply if it's not
on a UPS, and the UPS if it is on a UPS.

> Is there hardware test software that you use and some what trust?

sysutils/memtestplus.  Beware that there is some funkiness with gcc
newer than netbsd5 and multicore tests, that may be resolved but I'm not

Also, fsck afterwards, and see if the issue remains.  And look in the
logs for anything else.

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