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Re: Devices without power management support: dm0 dm1 (LVM / Device Mapper prevents ACPI Sleep State 3)

Hello Maya,

On 15.01.20 07:55, wrote:

Since I don't see any of this in the log, I'm not sure at all whether the
code is actually executed. Is it generally the case that all device drivers
are "detached" before entering ACPI Sleep state 3? Or could this be a
special case?

You will need to rebuild the modules, not the kernel. .... modules
sudo ... installmodules=/

Is how I usually do it.

I hadn't thought of that - thanks for the tip. It works now!

The X230 correctly enters ACPI sleep state 3 with the change you have proposed and wakes up without any functional restrictions.

How likely is it that the device mapper was only accidentally not taken into account in power management, or whether it should deliberately block the sleep state for technical reasons?

If nothing speaks against it, how do we get the patch in syssrc? Should I submit a bug report?

Best wishes

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