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Re: Current wisdom on printing from Firefox

On 29/12/2019 20:42, David Brownlee wrote:
What are other people doing?

TLDR: I rely on other people or small businesses who have configured printing to work properly.

When it comes to printing, then usually, and regardless of the OS, I print to PDF. The I copy that PDF file to a USB flash drive and print it at a local print shop or Internet cafe. Obviously I wouldn't print anything confidential this way.

Alternatively I may take it to my office and print there.

It's been a long time since I set up a service that prints directly from a *nix workstation to a PCL or PS printer.

The last time I /did/ do it, however, I was running Debian+GNOME with a well known model of printer. The drivers were readily available in the distribution of Debian I was running, and everything just worked.

The last time I did it on BSD, I set up FreeBSD+an HP LJ4+LPD. Even for such a standard printer, it was a nightmare. This was back in FreeBSD 4.* days, mind. So about 20 years ago.

I don't know if or how CUPS improved the dismal printing situation on Unix. It was one major reason for moving over to Mac OS X at the time (the others being audio and power management).

I've never tried printing from NetBSD.


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