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Current wisdom on printing from Firefox

What is the current wisdom on printing from Firefox?

It appears that from firefox-60 the ability to generale ps was
removed, so the lpd backend was also removed.

There is a reference and a patch to add back print to lpd (but not
generate ps) for FreeBSD at:

Currently I have a google cloudprint enabled printer, so for anything
where I don't mind the print data bouncing via any number of cloud
boxes I can print to a PDF file, then just upload to cloudprint.

However this feels... suboptimal :)

I can easily setup lpd, and probably throw in a PDF and PS to
whatever-my-random-epson supports filter, but if Firefox won't print
to lpd then its not ideal - though presumably we could add a patch to
add back in the lpd backend

Its been about two decades since I last setup cups :), - I ran through
the basic setup, but even though cupsd was running and I could see the
printer firefox did not show it (did all the standard reset printer
values in firefox & restart, but the print dialog still just shows
print to file). Also I then have the stupid joy of /usr/bin/lpd and
/usr/pkg/bin/lpd and friends.

What are other people doing?



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