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8 port HBA recommendations for ZFS on NetBSD

After having a play with ZFS on a couple of HP microservers I'm now
looking at switching my main Dell T320 across.

It has 8 SATA bays with the Dell H710P (effectively a LSI MegaRAID SAS
9266-8i) supported by the mfii driver.

Its a nice RAID controller with battery backed cache and all the other
RAID goodies which get in the way of a good ZFS setup :), and does not
support pass through mode (only exposing each drive as RAID0). I can
theoretically flash LSI firmware, but that seems to be a little
fraught and I'd still be left with the unwanted battery backed cache
(I'd prefer to have an SSD for the ZFS ZIL)

So I'd like to replace it with something more suitable -

In the LSI/mfii arena:

The 3008 based LSI cards (LSI 9340-8i or IBM M1215) seem quite nice,
though I'd probably need a cable adaptor for the ports. Or I could
step back to a 2008 card like the LSI SAS 9211-8i and not worry about

Does anyone know if NetBSD supports 2308 based cards like the LSI SAS
9207-8i - that seems to be the best option still keeping a SFF-8087

Alternatively maybe something non LSI based?

What do people think?



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