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Re: Brightness buttons don't work in current


Fekete Zoltán wrote:
As nobody could help me, finally I successfully patched the kernel to handle the brightness buttons on my Dell laptop.
I used the pmf system to notify the driver about the key events.

Please find the patch attached.

Some drawbacks in which I need help to improve:

 * I had to add a new field into struct device in sys/device.h. The new field has a name dv_payload.    I couldn't find a better solution to save the original drm_device structure for the new callbacks,
    however I think there should be one;
 * In both callback functions in intel_panel.c I had to break the connector's loop after the 1st    iteration. Otherwise the system simply crashes. I have to find out why is that.

So, plase read the patch, try it out.

I could try only on my Dell Latitude E6220, which uses the PCH line. With this patch it works as expected.
Other chips may not work.

I have recently tried a kernel from the netbsd-9 branch on my Dell Latitude E5540. The brightness controls and turning the display off when the lid is closed does not work, which is a regression compared to netbsd-8.

I am able to switch between two levels of brightness with the Zoltán's patch and I can see the values corresponding to the added 0x50 and 0x48:


being printed to console with kernel compiled with defined WMI_DEBUG when I press the corresponding keyboard keys (under the patched kernel).

Is there something I can do to help fixing this regression in -current and -9?



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