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Re: amd64-current gallium link failure, relocation truncated.

On Mon, 25 Nov 2019, John D. Baker wrote:

> Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2019 17:03:29 -0600 (CST)
> From: John D. Baker <jdbaker%spike.technoskunk.fur@localhost>
> To:
> Subject: amd64-current gallium link failure, relocation truncated.
> After numerous successfull linkages of gallium for amd64-current (9.99.18)
> on amd64-8.1_STABLE host, it failed today with:
> I see no similar failures on the NetBSD build cluster, so perhaps my
> tree was updated at an inopportune time?
> I have another amd64 build host (9.0_BETA) building i386-current now
> and will build amd64-current next, so I'll see how that goes.

The other build host built everything just fine so it's probably an issue
with the objdir on the 8.1 host.

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