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tar extract changed since netbsd-8? (extracting sets over running system)

Prior to NetBSD-9 I extracted sets (bar etc) over running systems without any issues

Now with NetBSD-9 I frequently get bus errors from running code when base is extracted

[1]   Bus error               /bin/ln -sf "${src}" "${dest}"                    
*** Error code 138                                                             

This would be while "tar xzpf /opt/netbsd/arch/9-amd64-2019-11-10/base.tar.xz" is running, extracting updated netbsd-9 sets over a running netbsd-9 system

I'm pretty sure its not the switch from gz to xz (unlikely anyway) as I've been extracting xz compressed netbsd-8 sets for a while now

Does anyone else see this?


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