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Re: heads-up: planned changes in nvmm

On Mon, 28 Oct 2019 at 14:58, Maxime Villard <> wrote:
> Le 22/10/2019 à 22:34, Maxime Villard a écrit :
> > I will soon commit a set of changes in NVMM, which will require a full
> > rebuild and reinstallation of: the kernel NVMM driver, the libnvmm API,
> > the libnvmm ATF tests, and the qemu-nvmm package if you're using it.
> >
> > You can cherry-pick each change, but it will be easier to just do a full
> > distribution rebuild and reinstall.
> >
> > Overall it is no different than what I've been doing over the last six
> > months. This time, however, the changes will also be pulled up to 9beta
> > afterwards.
> >
> > I will push my changes in -current and update the qemu-nvmm package in
> > several rounds probably over several days, and then will pull up to 9beta.
> >
> > In the meantime, do not upgrade your qemu-nvmm package if you're on 9beta.
> So I think I'm done, I'll let the dust settle for a few days, and then will
> request pullup9.

Would you have an idea when the changes might be pulled up to netbsd-9?
(This is not a "hey get it done", more a "thanks for a cool feature
which has my laptop
already very happily running 64bit Ubuntu and Windows 7 under netbsd-9
and looking forward to doing even more as time goes on" :)

Would there be any general advice in setting up a box to run a few Linux nvmm
guests (I have a non production XEN box I'm tempted to cut across)

For anyone else wanting to {re,}build pkgsrc-wip qemu-nvmm before the pullups
I'd recommend updating to 69cc68ce4bea01c3c1783029442e2ac676430e32,
then copying the qemu-nvmm directory then updating back to HEAD

Thanks again


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