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Re: scp protocol error on multiple file copy? ("John D. Baker") writes:

>  $ scp -p buildhost:'/path/to/{sets/text.tgz,kernel/netbsd-CUSTOM.gz}' .

>It prompted for the password and then I got:

>  scp: /path/to/{sets/text.tgz,kernel/netbsd-CUSTOM.gz}: No such file or directory

% scp fud:'raid{0,1}.label' .
raid0.label                                   100%  894   250.4KB/s   0.9KB/s  
raid1.label                                   100%  890   307.0KB/s   0.9KB/s  

% scp fud:'notthere/raid{0,1}.label' .
scp: notthere/raid0.label: No such file or directory
scp: notthere/raid1.label: No such file or directory

Seems to work.


% scp fud:'raid{0,1}.label' .

scp is just using ssh to run an scp command on the remote machine and
parsing the data sent to stdout. In this case I added a 'echo foo'
to the remote .cshrc file (with tcsh as login shell).


% scp fud:'raid{0,1}.label' .
scp: raid{0,1}.label: No such file or directory

happens when I change the login shell to /bin/sh (or /bin/ksh) on the
remote machine because sh and ksh don't understand this syntax.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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