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re: scp protocol error on multiple file copy?

(For some reason, your recent messages have not reached me at all, not
even quarantined on my ISP's web-mail system.)

On Thu, 31 Oct 2019 17:14:46 +1100, matthew green <>

> this is odd. probably some recent change is trying to protect you..
> can you try eg:
>    scp buildhost:'{file1,file2}' .
> to copy multiple files?  ie, use shell globbing with a single word
> vs multiple words..

I don't think 'scp' understands C-shell-style globbing (w/braces,etc.).
I used something like:

  $ scp -p buildhost:'/path/to/{sets/text.tgz,kernel/netbsd-CUSTOM.gz}' .

It prompted for the password and then I got:

  scp: /path/to/{sets/text.tgz,kernel/netbsd-CUSTOM.gz}: No such file or directory

(It would be nice if it did so I wouldn't have to repeat common parts
of a long path.)

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