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Re: current kernel crashes while building userland


On 25/10/2019 21:36, Robert Swindells wrote:
bad luck. I upgraded kernel and modules, installed and it crashes during 
userland build, so no progress at all.

Still a crash in compat_90_sys_fstatvfs1() at compat_90_sys_fstatvfs1

Could it be that it is actually a compatibility issue, where userland 
calls somethingin the kernel that crashes? I wonder that it is compat_90xxxx
The recommended build process is to do the userland first then use the
new toolchain to build the kernel.

This is a clean build isn't it ? The amd64 port switched to gcc 8.3 on
the 22nd.

I always did tools -> kernel -> modules -> reboot -> userland... since ages. It was recommended years back. also because the new kernel should usually run the old userland in compatibility. I will not install userland before checking that the kernel works, or there is "no way back".

Lately, building and then installing userland through an "update" build is problematic, so I was doing a direct build+install without -u as option.

In any case, it shouldn't crash my machine, at most fail the build.


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