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Re: xfwm4 crashes on NetBSD 9.99.17 (was "Re: firefox dumping core after NetBSD upgrade")

On Sat, 2019-10-26 at 00:40 +0000, wrote:
> Can someone who has this issue explain it shortly?
> - Which GPU?
> - What part of updating (kernel, userland) did it?
> - Does a clean build of everything fix it?
> the i915 driver has broken userland compatibility. mrg/riastradh fixed
> it,
> but I won't be surprised if there's more we haven't spotted with the
> high bar of "does startx work".

I'm seeing it in two contexts:
 - on a laptop with Intel graphics (presently kernel as of Oct. 15th,
   userland as of Oct. 13th, pkgsrc has gone through many updates)
 - in a QEMU VM that has no DRM capabilities (so in that case, xfwm4 is
   falling back to (kernel and userland as of Oct. 2nd)

Both were working as of -current's state in mid-August, as I tested the
xfwm4 update to 4.14.0 on them. Some time between then and early October
(9.99.15 from a kernel perspective), this issue emerged, it seems.

I've done a subsequent full update to a -current 9.99.17 plus userland
from mid-October on the laptop, which hasn't made any difference.
(The kernel and userland in the VM are from Releng builds.) I haven't
yet tried a full replacement of every package for either of those
machines, but I have rebuilt all of Xfce, plus dependencies like gtk3
and such on the laptop, and that hasn't made a difference. (I
specifically walked through the dependency chain for xfwm4.)

My suspicion is this relates to the Mesa update, but I can't say for
sure. But there seemed to be overlap with the Firefox issue that was
being discussed.



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