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Re: current kernel crashes while building userland

Riccardo Mottola <> wrote:
>I upgraded to 9.99.17 22nd October. I built kernel + modules, rebooted.
>on amd64
>Then I started a distribution build... and after some hours, the machine 
>I restarted again (without doing an update build)... and it reboots again.
>I just find the machine rebooted, I can't read any message.
>in /var/crash however I find the two gzipped files, too big to post 
>public here. Each crash has its own.
>Can I send them somebody? How can I give more information?
>This machine is running netbsd current since a long time and has always 
>been very stable (many other issues, but never reboots during builds)

You maybe need some changes to the ata disk driver that went in on the

Also you could look at a description of how to use gdb on crash dumps


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