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Re: firefox dumping core after NetBSD upgrade

from Sad Clouds:

> What's the alternative, I've not used NetBSD for desktop tasks for a
> while now, but I wish recent Opera browser was available for NetBSD. I
> suppose you could run it with Linux emulation, but not sure how well it
> works on NetBSD. Last time I tried, which was years ago, there were
> some display issues, i.e. scrolling text up/down would produce these
> annoying lagging artefacts, etc.

There is an open-source Otter Browser that is intended to provide the functionality of Opera browser.

Otter browser is in pkgsrc and Freebsd ports, also Haikuports and various Linux package repositories.

Otter browser works better for me than other non-Mozilla open-source browsers that I have tried, never tried Chromium.

I would also like to try the newer version of Midori.


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