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Re: firefox dumping core after NetBSD upgrade

On Fri, 11 Oct 2019 11:05:57 -0700
bch <> wrote:

> I quit running Firefox on my (-current) laptop months ago because the
> build process (rust, esp) was so brutal. Have there been any
> community efforts to organize the build artifacts from bleeding-edge
> environments to avoid repeating (and failing, in my case) this most
> horrible build?

What's the alternative, I've not used NetBSD for desktop tasks for a
while now, but I wish recent Opera browser was available for NetBSD. I
suppose you could run it with Linux emulation, but not sure how well it
works on NetBSD. Last time I tried, which was years ago, there were
some display issues, i.e. scrolling text up/down would produce these
annoying lagging artefacts, etc.

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