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re: retiring arm oabi support for new things

> >netbsd 9 will ship without any targets with oabi as the
> >default, and most of the existing ports were already
> >switched to eabi (epoc32 and acorn32 only.)
> >
> >as part of this, i'm going to stop providing the ability
> >to build any arm with oabi -- turn off the MKCOMPAT for
> >all arm ports, so the oabi libraries are not provided
> >anymore, turn off the oabi, etc.
> Are you going to change the compiler target name as part of this ?
> I'm currently struggling with an autoconf script that is getting
> confused by the -eabihf part of the armv7--netbsdelf-eabihf name.

i wasn't going to change any names.

target names have meaning and shouldn't change, it's way too
late to change this now.

patch the script to be smarter is the only real option or we
would break all the existing things that already know what
each target is is the only sane response..


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