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Re: retiring arm oabi support for new things

matthew green <> wrote:
>netbsd 9 will ship without any targets with oabi as the
>default, and most of the existing ports were already
>switched to eabi (epoc32 and acorn32 only.)
>as part of this, i'm going to stop providing the ability
>to build any arm with oabi -- turn off the MKCOMPAT for
>all arm ports, so the oabi libraries are not provided
>anymore, turn off the oabi, etc.

Are you going to change the compiler target name as part of this ?

I'm currently struggling with an autoconf script that is getting
confused by the -eabihf part of the armv7--netbsdelf-eabihf name.

I have been building arm targets with MKCOMPAT=no for a long time now so
no problem with the proposed change.

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