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Re: time(1) reporting corrupted system time (Andreas Gustafsson) writes:

>My efforts are hampered by time(1) reporting corrupted system times on
>certain past versions of -current:

>  2017.     3562.32 real     15806.10 user      4893.62 sys
>  2018.     4250.22 real     16835.23 user 608742554440425.55 sys
>  2019.     4228.25 real     16801.48 user 700976274808841.24 sys
>  2019.     4488.49 real     16670.79 user      9279.25 sys

>Does anyone happen to know which commits caused and/or fixed this?
>This information could save me a couple of days of bisection run time.

First there was a change to precent that user/system time are decreasing
in kern-resource.c 1.180. But it shouldn't be related to negative numbers.

Additionally a possible underflow of user/system time was fixed in
kern_resource.c 1.182. This prevents negative numbers, but IIRC this
would only happen for very small values, not when values already
accumulated to a few thousand seconds.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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