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time(1) reporting corrupted system time

Hi all,

I'm trying to run a bisection to determine why builds hosted on recent
versions of NetBSD seem to be taking significantly more system time
than they used to, building the same thing.

My efforts are hampered by time(1) reporting corrupted system times on
certain past versions of -current:

  2017.     3562.32 real     15806.10 user      4893.62 sys
  2018.     4250.22 real     16835.23 user 608742554440425.55 sys
  2019.     4228.25 real     16801.48 user 700976274808841.24 sys
  2019.     4488.49 real     16670.79 user      9279.25 sys

Does anyone happen to know which commits caused and/or fixed this?
This information could save me a couple of days of bisection run time.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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