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Re: overnight crash

Something is still not right. newfs'd /usr/obj, built release, untarred
sets over /.

Little script:

export RUMP_SERVER=unix://zsock
rump.halt 2> /dev/null
rump_server -lrumpvfs -lrumpdev_disk -lrumpkern_solaris -lrumpfs_zfs -lrumpdev -lrumpdev_rnd -d key=/dk,hostpath=zfs.img,size=100m ${RUMP_SERVER}
export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/
export RUMPHIJACK=blanket=/dev/zfs:/dk:/storage,sysctl=yes,modctl=yes
zpool create storage /dk
zpool list
zfs list
echo hello | rump.dd of=/storage/hello
ls -l /storage
zfs list
zfs snapshot storage@hello
echo bar | rump.dd of=/storage/bar
ls -l /storage
zfs list
zfs list -t snapshot
zfs diff storage@hello

which should (not) just give me a zfs.core from the last line, now coredumps
everywhere, again with

#0  0x00007f7ff48ae8a5 in __compat_fstatvfs1 (fd=5, buf=0x7f7fffbff380, flags=2) at /usr/src/lib/libc/compat/sys/compat_statvfs.c:99
99              int error = __fstatvfs190(fd, &sb, flags);

k$ modstat | grep compat_90
compat_90               exec     builtin  -        1       - -
compat_netbsd32_90      exec     builtin  -        0       - compat_netbsd32,compat_90

I thought rump loaded kernel modules - what else needs changing?



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