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Re: [Small Heads up] USE_SHLIBDIR=yes added some some library Makefiles

On 22.09.2019 23:33, Brad Spencer wrote:
> I committed a change today to add USE_SHLIBDIR=yes to the libraries used
> by /sbin/{zfs,mount_zfs,zpool}.  The general effect will be to move the
> libraries from /usr/lib to /lib and put compatibility links in place so
> that things, say in /usr/pkg, continue to work as expected.  Run tested
> on amd64 and i386 and compile tested on evbarm.  This will allow /usr
> and /var to be mounted as a ZFS legacy filesystem and keeping with the
> apparent pattern of having items in /sbin depend on items in /lib and
> not /usr/lib.
> Sorry if this breaks anything.
> If one happens to update /usr/lib without /lib there may be problems,
> but hopefully that is very uncommon.

Open question, how far are we from / on ZFS?

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