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Re: dhcpcd ignores "force_hostname=YES" on diskless clients?

On 21/09/2019 03:01, John D. Baker wrote:
On Fri, 20 Sep 2019, John D. Baker wrote:

(Before the recent imports of later versions of 'dhcpcd', it failed to
obtain the FQDN on a sparc system and set the hostname as "localhost".)

The diskless SPARC system works properly now.

Will have to check other diskless clients (amd64, i386, evbmips).

All diskless client "dhcpcd.conf" files have only the following changes
from default:

   comment out "hostname" directive
   un-comment "ntp_servers" option
   add "env force_hostname=YES"

If the hostname is "localhost" then dhcpcd won't send it.
If the hostname is "localhost" then dhcpcd will set the hostname given via DHCP.

So the only config change you should need to make by default is uncommenting ntp_servers.


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