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ffsv2 corruption on netbsd 8.0_STABLE amd64 from April

Ok, so not quite -current, but I haven't seen one of these since
switching from ipf to npf... in my daily cron email, I was greeted
with signs of corruption:

ksh$ ls -l /home/netbsd/current/obj.evbarm/home/netbsd/current/src/sys/modules/wsbell
ls: No such file or directory
ls: wsbell_tramp.S: Bad file descriptor

Maybe I should start running with a debug kernel to track this down.

Maybe I should also resurrect some fsdb patches to better dump out these

Any other ideas? 186 days uptime, raid0 looks good, no other signs of

Paul Ripke
"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds
 discuss people."
-- Disputed: Often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. 1948.

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