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Re: NetBSD on a wireless router?

On Wed, 14 Aug 2019, John Franklin wrote:

> Are you absolutely committed to NetBSD? pfSense is an excellent 
> router/firewall distribution built on top of FreeBSD, with support for 
> whatever WiFi and hardware FreeBSD supports. I love NetBSD, but when I 
> need to set up a router, I just grab pfSense.


From its preface:

This book was written using Docbook using NetBSD and vi.
The print-ready book was generated with
Dblatex version 0.3.10 with a custom stylesheet,
pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.19 (Web2C 2018),
and the TeX document production system installed via
Tex Live and Pkgsrc.

I have probably used around eight different wireless cards on a few 
different hardwares running a few different versions of pfSense. While 
it works for me, I haven't had great reliability or performance with the 
wireless devices I've used there.

I'd like to use NetBSD. But I have received some great feedback and 
shared experiences about using a non-NetBSD wireless gear. I will 
probably use NetBSD as my gateway/firewall and bridge to a dedicated 
wifi device. Unless I can find a "a suitable wireless card that performs 
well in hostap mode on NetBSD" (quoting from someone else in this 

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