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Re: building and testing 9.99

> I want to rebuild all userland.
Is there now a recommended way to skip all the llvm stuff which is extremely
big.. and as far as I know, not needed for my Intel graphic card?
Do you have to fully rebuild all the llvm stuff every time, or only when something has been updated?

I think llvm would be needed for all graphics cards, though I could be wrong.

llvm is the big part of building Xorg, but is not only for Xorg.  FreeBSD uses llvm/clang to build the system on architectures that support it.

I have been building NetBSD-current, amd64 and i386, without Xorg, but building Xorg from pkgsrc, am considering switching to native Xorg.

FreeBSD-current amd64 took over 9 hours to build last May, about twice as long as NetBSD.  FreeBSD has no Xorg in base system; Xorg can be built and installed from ports.

Now I wonder how much time including native Xorg will add to system rebuilding time.

I am not sure what llvm is used for in NetBSD besides Xorg, but know it is very time-consuming to build.


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