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Re: NetBSD 9.99.1 Quick Question

from Greg Troxel:

> Paul Goyette <> writes:

> > On Wed, 31 Jul 2019, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> >> How do users of 8.99.51 and earlier 8.99.x decide whether to go with
> >> 9.99.1 or 9.0_BETA?

> >> I am on

> >> NetBSD amelia2 8.99.51 NetBSD 8.99.51 (NetBSD-HEAD amd64.nb899-20190723) #1: Tue Jul 23 13:35:29 GMT 2019  root@amelia2:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/arch/amd64/compile/SANDY7 amd64

> >> as I type this; also built i386 from the same source tree.

> > If you were previously on 8.99.x then you were tracking -current and
> > not any particular release.  IMHO you should now track the 9.99.x
> > series, as that is the new -current!

> I would say that the most helpful thing to do to help the NetBSD
> community is to switch to netbsd-9, and test it, and report issues.
> Then when it's released, you can go back to current if you feel like it.

> > If you intend to deploy a stable 9.0 release (rather than tracking
> > -current) I would recommend installing 9.0-BETA to help us make the
> > release as "solid" as possible.

> Sure, but even people who don't need to deploy stable can help.

7.99.1 and 8.99.1 seemed to stay around for a long time, so I am surprised to see current already on 9.99.2.

For my own needs, I'm inclined to stay with current branch , now 9.99.2, though I could also try 9.0_BETA to help get out a stable 9.0_RELEASE.

I would want to be able to boot by UEFI wherever possible.

I was not able to untangle the packages/pkg_rolling-replace mess, but I got some useful additional packages like gtar and findutils, useful for trying to cross-compile linux toolchains, which is what I am now working on.

I still have problems in NetBSD-current, like having to disable athn to be able to boot, and generic kernel rebooting immediately without any screen messages.

Is there any preference on which Xorg I should use on a new installation: modular or native?


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