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Re: NetBSD 9.0 release process has started

Wow. So far, it's been a disaster for me. I remember saying the memory
management seemed iffy but being told to get a real machine with more
memory. My i386 machine w/1G of RAM and ~4G of swap kept crashing while
trying to compile things in pkgsrc. I think it's trying to recompile
gcc6. It's crashed eight times in the day I've had it running NetBSD-9.

My beefier x86_64 system isn't all that happy either. Trying to compile
firefox grournd everything to a halt. I couldn't even reply to this email
until I killed the build of firefox.

Oh well, I guess that's progress.

On Wed, 31 Jul 2019, Maya Rashish wrote:

If you have been following source-changes, you may have noticed the
creation of the netbsd-9 branch! It has some really exciting items
that we worked on:

- New AArch64 architecture support:
   Symmetric and asymmetrical multiprocessing support (aka big.LITTLE)
   Support for running 32-bit binaries
   UEFI and ACPI support
   Support for SBSA/SBBR (server-class) hardware.
- The FDT-ization of many ARM boards:
   the 32-bit GENERIC kernel lists 129 different DTS configurations
   the 64-bit GENERIC64 kernel lists 74 different DTS configurations
   All supported by a single kernel, without requiring per-board
- Graphics driver update, matching Linux 4.4, adding support for up to
 Kaby Lake based Intel graphics devices.
- ZFS has been updated to a modern version and seen many bugfixes.
- New hardware-accelerated virtualization via NVMM.
- NPF performance improvements and bug fixes. A new lookup algorithm,
 thmap, is now the default.
- NVMe performance improvements
- Optional kernel ASLR support, and partial kernel ASLR for the default
- Kernel sanitizers:
   KLEAK, detecting memory leaks
   KASAN, detecting memory overruns
   KUBSAN, detecting undefined behaviour
   These have been used together with continuous fuzzing via the
   syzkaller project to find many bugs that were fixed.
- The removal of outdated networking components such as ISDN and all
 of its drivers
- The installer is now capable of performing GPT UEFI installations.
- Dramatically improved support for userland sanitizers, as well as the
 option to build all of NetBSD's userland using them for bug-finding.
- Update to graphics userland: Mesa was updated to 18.3.4, and
 llvmpipe is now available for several architectures, providing 3D
 graphics even in the absence of a supported GPU.

We try to test NetBSD as best as we can, but your testing can help
NetBSD 9.0 a great release. Please test it and let us know of any
bugs you find.

Binaries are available on

Please report any bugs you find!

Hisashi T Fujinaka -
BSEE + BSChem + BAEnglish + MSCS + $2.50 = coffee

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