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Looking for UEFI setups booting from MBR

I have a kinda strange request:

if you have an amd64 system with UEFI firmware that boots in UEFI mode
and the disk is not partitioned with GPT, could you mail me the output
of "fdisk -v wd0" (or whatever disk it boots from, often it will be ld0
for the first NVME device).

It does NOT need to boot NetBSD (usually).

If you have such a system and need help extracting that information, please
contact me off-list. There are non-destructive ways: like boot a NetBSD
uefi installer image from usb stick, or gather the info from some other
OS used on that machine.

All my systems with UEFI and set up by other operating systems use GPT. In
theory a MBR partitioned disk should work - but it seems hard to find in
the real world.



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